Where they began?

Germany – of course!  But, depending on who is writing history, many Germans migrated to Slovakia for whatever industry was being pushed by the ruler at that time.  And, depending on who you talk to, agriculture was not the main focus for this push to populate!

Our Pimsners were mostly wood workers though Andreas Pimsner (my ancestor) was a tanner. In Cleveland, many became machinests, mechanics, wood workers, etc.

The first Pimsner I have a record of is Martin(us) Pimsner.  I don’t have a birth or death date for him but I DO have a marriage date – 27 Oct 1754 to Margaretha Stefanin.  (No birth or death for her either…) This couple and their children is where the ‘line’ begins for ALL Pimsners with connections to Cleveland!


I pretty much guess (and this is ONLY a guess) the Pimsner name originates somewhere in Germany.  Why?  For two reasons.

  1. When corresponding with a descendant from someone I’ve NOT yet been able to connect to this family, she made mention of how the Russians considered PIMSNER to be a ‘German’ name during WW II and treated someone from Romania as a Germany prisoner rather than a citizen of Romania.
  2. There are quite a few resources on-line that document the fact that inhabitants of the villages of Ober and Unter Metzenseifen came from all over Germany. And, as such, a form of the German language was spoken by all!!


Last thought for the day, there is ONE ‘line’ I know is NOT related by blood.  How do I know this?  Joseph Pimsner died.  His widow retained the surname Pimsner yet gave birth to children, born out of wedlock, and these two boys carried the Pimsner surname.  Neither actually is descended from Joseph.

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