Genealogy software – dilemma…

I decided to try a different genealogy software to both track my research and update my website.  Why?  Well, you know the saying of ‘The grass is greener on the other side.’  I took a look at this new software and its reporting capabilities.  Holy cow!  MUCH better than the software I am now using!  (I will also admit, I really love the ‘glitsy’ kind of graphics :-> )  Now I am perfectly happy with the software I have been using for quite a number of years!  I understand it so well and can quite easily modify the web product when I need to…  But this NEW software!  I am rethinking whether I really want to use it or not!

I plan on paying a visit to the software website and providing some feedback – whether they like that or not won’t matter but atleast they will either be able to use my suggestions or tell me they can not make changes to their software.

One of the MAIN sticking points, for me, is their having an ‘event’ folder.  These events include the usual: births, marriages and/or deaths.  Divorces are also included as an event.  That’s well and good but – each person has their very own event ‘page’ and there is next to nothing included on the page other than a repeat of the very same event name and date as found on the family page and/or the person page…  What a pain in the neck when trying to eliminate this link from the new ‘possible’ website pages! (I promise you, you WILL like the new look if I can only get past all this html housekeeping! Sheesh!)

I’ve also noticed that instead of using the word ‘spouse’ the way my old software does, this new software uses the word ‘partner’.  I guess that IS politically correct but I don’t like it – I’ve done a global find/replace to change every html record from using partner to spouse.

As I have been ‘editing’ pages, I can tell you, it has been MOST interesting to again ‘discover’ kin I have forgotten about!  I’ve also run across names I wanted to research more and neglected. (Note to self: get back to it!)

This new software is supposed to help me determine what I still need to research per person so I’m thinking I may just use both for awhile.  After spending countless hours cleaning the html coding for the potential new web pages I’m taking a break!

So if YOU are contemplating entering your piles and piles of research into your computer, I highly recommend you first decide what it is you want once the data has been entered!  PC or Mac – there are many choices!  As a Mac user, Reunion has been my software of choice for many years!  It is clean, it is logical and it handles a download for web viewing with ease and grace.  I just wish they had better ‘charting’ with more graphics!  Ta ta for now!

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