Where did they go?

2011 Metzenseifen

Modern Metzenseifen

An acquaintance and his wife (Heinz Schleussner of the Metzenseifen website) are ‘visiting’ Metzenseifen right now.  How exciting is that??  I am posting one of the photos Heinz took…) The sad thing, from my perspective, is that after speaking with the Metzenseifen mayor, there are NO residents of this beautiful village with the surname PIMSNER!  Darn!  Where did they all go??

As with much of my previous research, I have discovered many of our Pimsner ancestors married into or married someone from a multitude of Metzy families.  Other than coming to America, where did they go to?  If they married into a family then the female Pimsner became some other surname!  (As an example, on the Metzenseifen web page, Heinz pointed out a Terezia Schurger whose maiden name was Pimsner.  Schurger and all its spellings are one of the many ‘common’ Metzy surnames our Pimsners are connected to!)

It is sad to think our Pimsners have disappeared from Metzenseifen!

I had a fun conversation with Arlene Pimsner last week-end. (She is the granddaughter of Simon Pimsner; brother to my great grandmother, Anna Marie (Pimsner) Dittmer… I mentioned I would be sending Arlene copies of the 1920 and 1930 Census. The 1930 Census shows a ‘lodger’ named Stephen Pimsner! (I also happen to have the death certificate for this Stephen…) It turns out, Stephen is NOT related. I know, his surname IS Pimsner and I said, before, all Pimsner’s are related!!! Well, no one knew Stephen’s surname. At the time he was a hobo, transient, itinerant worker, etc and stayed with this Pimsner family for a few years… When he died, the Cuyohoga County Coroner required a surname in order to handle all the necessary paperwork. Since no one KNEW the surname the family ‘bequeathed’ their name – thus Stephen Unknown became Stephen Pimsner 🙂

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