Welcoming a cousin who’s not a cousin …

I have been having an email correspondence with a cousin who is not a cousin – really.  Joe and I are ‘related’ only because one of MY people married one of HIS people…  Okay, so that makes us related by marriage, right?

No – solely because the people married are not necessarily related by birth…  just by an act of marriage. Let me explain.

My great grandmother had a great uncle (Martin) who had a niece – Margaret – on his wife’s side. So other than being ‘related’ to Martin, Margaret is NOT a Pimsner descendant.

But, in a very convoluted way, I think Margaret IS related and I will have to see just how!  After all, her maiden name is STROEMPL.  Yep, there’s one of those surnames we see many times ‘connected’ to Pimsners!  Add to that mix are the surnames Schwartz, Gloszner and BROESTL!

This is one of the reasons I continue to not only add but encourage others to add a couple generations of in-laws to their database records.  It really is NOT uncommon for siblings or cousins to marry.  By limiting your research to JUST your direct line limits the ability to ‘find’ the other connections out there!  And as we know, our Pimsner’s are connected to many of the same surnames multiple times!!

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