Family genes, traits and DNA

I’ve gone and done it – my next ‘step’ in this family research has been to update my website and submit my DNA to Ancestry’s DNA project.  I’m kind of excited about the results for multiple reasons but mainly to get a better ‘feel’ about where I came from!

I know my ancestors are all Germanic and the Pimsner’s did originate from somewhere in Germany. But the big question is, of course, where?

You know family traits can carry from one generation to the next and even beyond!  Will this DNA sample tell me where the big smiles come from or the blue eyes or even the tendency towards big hips?  Probably not but – I’m hoping it will identify the regions in Europe my ancestors might have lived that I don’t know about!

I understand someone has already taken those first DNA steps and established a guide with regard to the oldest match from Metzenseifen.  Will I also be a match? How exciting if I am!

Recently I pursued additional avenues of information with regard to what may be a triple ‘connection’ with the Pimsner surname – Stroempl, Brostl and Gedeon. Yes, we have seen these surnames before and multiple times.  I would SO like to find the actual connections to these names with my Pimsner family regardless the number of times they show up!


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  1. I will be so interested in your results. Karen Mellar Wolf

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