DNA – Part II

Not only has my DNA results come in (somewhat of a surprise I can tell you) but I asked a sister of mine to also submit her DNA.

1st – Ancestry.com DNA says I am 28% from WEST Europe and 23% from EAST Europe. (The East Europe includes, of course, Slovakia…)

2nd – My sister’s DNA says she is 25% EAST Europe and only 4% from WEST Europe.

3rd – Here largest number is 31% from Scandinavia while my Scandinavia number is 24%.

4th – She has a region I do not have (1% Caucasus) and I have a region she does not have (Finland/Northwest Russia 2%).

5th – For the most part, we do ‘share’ the same regions but have different numbers.

I find this DNA stuff pretty exciting I can tell you! If you have submitted DNA to Ancestry, please let me know your results!

One of the ‘benefits’ of working with Ancestry.com is that they will off and on let you know if ‘they’ find matches!  Right now, I know of a 3rd cousin related, we think, to my paternal great grandfather. I have more information than she does on her paternal great grandfather but they share a surname. And, as new DNA samples are submitted, Ancestry.com tries to find matches!

At $99.00 (or $79.00 when on sale) this seems a more cost effective way to submit DNA then others I have checked into over the years…

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