I have been following another blog for about a year which has been all about searching for ‘kin’ and relying totally on using DNA results (as well as awesome detective work!). I confess, I have quite a bit to learn about just how autosomal DNA results ‘work’ but I have recently submitted another DNA sample to 23andMe. Goodness gracious! I am totally blown away at just how different DNA and 23andMe DNA results turned out to be.

Both have identified ‘kin’ there is no doubt. But I confess, Ancestry’s DNA results are cute, prettified, and somewhat lacking. On the other hand, 23andMe is almost overwhelming with DATA!

With that said, I need to tell you I am ‘finding’ so many more Medzev connection on 23andMe and the only reason I can think of is that, simply, those who submitted DNA chose 23andMe instead of If YOU have submitted a DNA sample to 23andME, please, please let me know!

And no, I haven’t yet found another PIMSNER researcher in this group but my my my – so many of the same and familiar surnames I have mentioned in other posts!!  Just like home 🙂

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