And now the ‘in-laws’… Stroempl

I have decided I will start addressing some of the allied (or in-laws) our Pimsner’s married and oh there are many! As I mentioned in other posts, some of these allied surnames appear many times and that is one of the reasons I want to start looking at some of these surnames.

I think the first surname I am going to look at is near and dear to my Pimsner/Dittmer connection. Anna Marie Pimsner, daughter of Andreas and Anna (Schmidt), married Johann Dittmer in Cleveland Ohio at St. Stephen’s Catholic Church. [Did you know I have transcribed various marriage documents for Cuyahoga County OH and placed this resource on-line?? Here you will find many of our kin listed with links to my on-line family tree website!!) The witnesses to this marriage were definite ‘kin’. Best Man honors went to Franz Stroempl and Maid of honor was Katherine Broestl.

Franz (later Americanized to Frank) Stroempl married Johann Dittmer’s sister, Henriette! THAT bit of news was exciting for me as you can guess 🙂 I have a wedding photo showing not only the bridal couple but also their two witnesses!!

Franz and his wife, along with their 3 children (yes, there WERE 3) came to America and settled in Pittsburgh PA. [I have found repeated references to Franz/Frank Stroempl as a ‘witness’ for others seeking to become American citizens.] Frank is listed as a ‘confectioner’ and eventually he and his son, Johann/John, owned and operated more than one bar in Pittsburgh. Both Frank and Henrietted died in Pittsburgh and are buried at St. Michaels Cemetery.

Daughter, Augusta, eventually joined the Sisters of St. Francis nursing order. She eventually took the name of Sister Mary Henrietta in 1910. She is buried in Millvale, Allegheny County, PA.

Son, Johann/John, relocated to Cleveland Ohio along with his wife, Theresia (Stark) and 6 of their 10 children (the other 4 were born in Cleveland). I am going to try and find a connection to some of the Cleveland Stroempl’s – I feel it is there but I need to ‘prove’ the connection… **

Son, Joseph, seems to have disappeared! He was born May 1889 in Hamburg Germany and was there on the ship manifest but I am unable to find any later reference to him.

From what I can find, there is another indirect Stroemple connection to the Pimsner tree… This one ties in a variety of oft seen surnames of Brostl, Gloszner, Koteles and Schwartz. (Anna Schwartz married Martin Pimsner. Anna’s sister, Margaretha married a Lorenz Stroempl  – son of Joseph Stroempl and Helena Brostl. **  Is THIS the Cleveland connection for Johann/John Stroempl??)

I few years ago, I was contacted by a lovely lady from Germany who is a Stroemple descendent! And it is because of Mika Strompl that I was able to ‘find’ more information on Franz and his brother, Joseph – both who were born in/near our favorite Slovakia city of Metzenseifen. Their parents are listed as Jacob Stroempl and Rose/Rosa Galofski. [At this point I have found multiple spellings for Stroempl as well as Galofski – I am going to stick with these two…]

So this is the first entry for allied families. If you have a connection to the Dittmer’s or Stroempl’s, please let me know! Ta ta for now!

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  1. You obviously know I am a descendant of John/Johann Stroempl. When I was a kid and we visited Cleveland, I looked in the phone book and noticed there were six Stroempl’s listed. Only three of them were related to me. My dad said that there were two listed when he was a kid
    Both were John M Stroempl. One was his mother still using his dads name in the book. The other was a pharmacist. He said that my grandfather wemt to tje drug store the other John M Stroempl owned and tried to talk to.the man. The pharmacist wasn’t interested in talking so that was as far as it went. Don’t know if you can look up pharmacist in that time frame, but it might ne a leed.

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