All things Pimsner!

I have been thinking for some time on having a blog page so that I can post ‘finds’ as I do my research.  Some of what I have been adding to my database is real news to me – I’ve been sharing this information with cousins also researching this surname.  But there are others out there I have never met who might just be starting their family research quest and wondering – how does this or that name connect?  I hope to help with that question!

As an example – I recently visited Cleveland Ohio.  Cleveland became the base or beginning for just about every Pimsner descendent in the United States.  We all can claim our ancestors originated in Metzenseifen Slovakia.  It’s HOW we are all related that is the big question now.  While visiting Cleveland I met 3 ‘cousins’.  We all have the same common ancestors – Louise and I are the same generation (our great grandmother’s were sisters.) and Arlene is a generation above us – her grandfather and out great grandmother’s were siblings!

Some of the the often time ‘connected’ surnames from Metzenseifen include: Ballasch, Bodenlos, Frantz, Gedeon, Kuntz, Mellar, Schuerger, Tischler to name a few…

I will try and include an occasional web link I find helpful when researching which may help others along the way.

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